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Party Weird! What does that mean?

Allow me to present Example(s) A through Z: My partner in crime and business, Nandini Khaund, teaching us how to make a tasty cocktail with pig’s blood. 

Cocktail Challenge

Nandini Khaund preparing to slay The Chicago Reader’s Cocktail Challenge using the ingredient pig’s blood.

For our Non-Chicagoan visitors, let me tell you there is a wonderful long-standing alternative newspaper called The Chicago Reader, and they do this delightful cocktail challenge where bartenders can zing each other with difficult ingredients with which to create cocktails — complete with well-produced, entertaining videos. When the good people at the Reader came up with this challenge, they probably thought: Seasonal. Farm to table. Local.

Instead they got METAL! Nandini created the “Reign in Blood,” featuring blood orange and Pig’s Nose scotch.  Click here for unrepentant badassery.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 5.47.27 PM

A tip of the hat to our dear friend from The Charleston, Kristen Wolfel, who kindly pitched this ingredient to Nandini. Be sure to watch her video here on how to make the cocktail Careless Whiskers with catnip.